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Product design is a holistic process. As a creative service, the development not only includes pure design, but also takes into account the conditions of production as well as the experience of the end user.

Everyday objects shape people’s relationship to their environment. They are an expression of our culture of life. The choice of which products we surround ourselves with defines the way we live every day.

The curated product selection is continuously expanded. Design Everyday shows the innovation potential of the Austrian design scene and makes it visible that design criteria such as function, aesthetics, haptics and sustainability are constantly being rethought and optimised at the cutting edge.

Design Everyday wants to support manufacturers in fully exploiting the potential of their products and bringing sustainable products to the market. Upon request, we are happy to provide an overview of the design scene or establish contacts with specific design offices, depending on the task at hand.

Idea & Concept

The everyday is often overlooked. However, in order to give everyday objects the importance they actually have in everyday life, the initiative Design Everyday focuses on precisely those products that most influence our way of life. The focus is on the multidisciplinary context in product design — from the idea to production and distribution to use by the end consumer.


Design Everyday was presented by Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher (Vandasye) for the first time in 2017 as an exhibition during the Vienna Design Week and will take place for the fifth time in 2021. In order to make the selection of selected products and the designers behind them visible, the 2021 initiative was expanded to include a web platform (website, online platform). The aim of the evolutive catalogue is to network as many actors as possible from this environment.

Vienna Design Week
As the largest Austrian design festival, the Vienna Design Week is an ideal platform for the presentation of theme-specific design contributions for ten days a year. The organisers activate unusual locations in the city and mobilise a diverse network of specialists from different disciplines. In this context, Design Everyday sees itself as a low-threshold interface for designers, manufacturers and a broad public.

Vienna Business Agency
With the Vienna Business Agency, designers have a competent contact for funding of all kinds. Thanks to their support, Design Everyday is able to present the annual selective appearances as a continuous platform and to initiate new collaborations.