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Ein neuer Arm für Eva

Arm prosthesis

Design: Philomena Strack

Manufacturer: Philomena Strack

A cosmetic prosthesis has no gripping function, but serves to create symmetry and balance of the body in a visually organic and natural way in movement. The prosthesis specially designed for an active, athletic woman, Eva, has an elbow joint that imitates the range of motion of the human arm, but not its presence. At the intersection of two elliptical tubes, the result is a circular joint cross-section that allows for a seamless transition from the upper to the lower arm when angled. The elbow joint has a small lever with which it can be fixed in any position or removed if necessary.

Photos: Philomena Strack


Epoxy, metal, 3D print

Year of design
Philomena Strack
Philomena Strack

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