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Marktstand- und Sitzmöbel — Yppenplatz

Modular street furniture

Design: Dottings

Manufacturer: Stadt Wien, MA 19

On behalf of MA 19 (Municipal Department for Architecture and Urban Design), the prototype of the modular market stall and seating furniture was developed with dottings Industrial Design for the northern row of Yppenplatz in the 16th district. The design leans on the familiar — the bench and the terraced” market stall. By incorporating new functions such as extended sitting, leaning, storing, selling, usual dimensions change and something dichotomously new and multifunctional emerges.

This furniture was produced on site by the integrative workshop GIN, among others. The design emerged as the winning project in a competition and is to be used from autumn 2018.


Steel tube, larch

160 × 140 × 90 cm
Year of design
Stadt Wien, MA 19

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