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ceiling light

Manufacturer: Molto Luce

Inspired by natural, plant-like growth forms and based on his understanding of industrial production processes, Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch creates the visually striking ALGAE luminaire series. An organic-looking lighting unit is created from three identically shaped elements that are connected to each other at different heights by a specially developed suspension mechanism. The strength of ALGAE lies in its combinability. The formally interacting luminaires virtually grow together to form an integrated organism”. Due to the area of application of suspended luminaires, such as hotel lobbies, staircases and foyers and the resulting soffits, it was particularly important to Rainer Mutsch to achieve a glare-free effect. In cooperation with Molto Luce, intensive work was therefore carried out on a specially adapted high-tech lens system (LFO Lens Technology / Bartenbach) in order to be able to generate an efficient and, above all, glare-free light image. Available in two sizes, ALGAE functions both as a single luminaire and in clusters and can theoretically be extended indefinitely.

Photos: Molto Luce, Rainer Mutsch


LED track spotlight made of die-cast aluminium Finely printed lacquer in white, black or silver matt Vacuum-vapourised reflector in 5 beam angles Bluetooth LED converter integrated in adapter Controllable via Molto Luce Smart APP.

L Ø230 and M Ø160
Year of design
Molto Luce